People don’t tend to stay in my life for as long as I would’ve wanted them to. And I know why. It’s because there is always someone way, way better than me. Someone who’s more entertaining, smarter, funnier. Someone who’s more understanding and caring. Someone who can help them in many more ways that I can’t. Someone who can give them better things. To them, I am just an option, a spare tire, a rebound. And it hurts. It hurts because they never see my worth. They don’t appreciate the things I do for them. How much I’ve sacrificed for them, how much I’ve given up just to keep them happy. They failed to realize that they can no longer find someone who can put up with them the way I did. They don’t seem to be contented and satisfied with the things I can offer, little things that mean a lot more when put together.

In the end, I still blame myself for not being able to keep them. I still blame myself for not being good enough.

(via escafeism)